Episode 9

Published on:

8th Nov 2022

The Truth About Google Ranking Factors and Algorithms

In the latest installment of Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation, Richard James is joined by Darin Swayne, Partners Club sponsor and attorney marketing agency owner.

He will reveal the truth about Google ranking factors and algorithms.

During the call, you will discover:

  • What Are The Google Ranking Factors?
  • Which Ranking Factors Do You Really Need To Worry About?
  • How Do Google Ranking Factors And Algorithms Work?
  • What Is The Best Way To Improve My Organic Rankings?

Time Codes:

0.00 - Introduction from Richard James

01:58 - Darin Swayne's introduction

04:22 - Why Google Rankings and Algorithms are important to you?

08:29 - What are Google Algorithms?

09:50 - Facts About Google Algorithms

10:21 - Simplified Search Process

10:45 - Google Algorithm Update Basics

14:35 - What to Do After an Algorithm Update

16:42 - Algorithm Changes Matter to Law Firms

22:19 - Spam Link Algorithm Update

29:09 - Product Review Algorithm Update

43:12 - Local Proximity Algorithm Update

51:26 - Helpful Content Algorithm Update

56:22 - The One Ranking Factor

59:06 - Darin Swayne's Contact Information

1:01:26 - Episode Concludes

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