Episode 2

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12th Apr 2022

Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation - Travis Lee - 3D Mail Interview

In the latest installment of EA Nation, we welcome Travis Lee, co-founder and President of 3D Mail, to the show to discuss why advertising fails, and how to do it right.

When it comes to advertising, there are 3 steps, and only 3 steps, that dictate success, that’s it. If you get all 3 correct, you’re going to have amazing success. But if miss just slightly in any of the 3 steps you may be in serious trouble.

Direct mail can provide a great return on your marketing dollar, if done correctly. But too many businesses go at it haphazardly, with no strategy or game plan in place before they start. They simply ‘wing it’ and hope for the best. That’s a bad business strategy for anything, but it can be multiplied and worsened with direct mail.

 However, there is a tried and true 3-pronged direct mail system that, when followed correctly, can return huge dollars to any business, any size, in any industry.

Time Codes:

0:05 - Introduction and overview on the guest of the day

1:43 - Introducing Travis Lee from 3D Mail

7:18 - Travis begins his presentation on Why Advertising Fails, and How to Do It Right

7:26 - Triangle of Marketing Success/Failure Factors

15:35 - It All Starts With The Mailing List

19:17 - Two Kinds of Lists

20:02 - Your In-House List: 3 Types

23:37 - Purchased or Rented List: 2 Types

35:57 - Response Based Lists : Resource

38:06 - Compiled Lists

46:50 - Right Offer

48:13 - One-Step Marketing vs. Lead Generation Marketing

1:00:14 - Travis Offers Resources

1:03:06 - Episode recap

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